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The Write Stuff Part II


You’ve been searching through your bag for what feels like forever. Pushing pens this way and that, tossing half-torn receipts across the table, scrounging for something (anything!) to write on. And of course once you’ve finally found that spare-square of paper, alas, your stupendously smart idea has drifted off to the far reaches of your memory, never to be heard from again. Put an end to your next ingenious idea’s escape with Branch Home’s Braille Blank Notebook. Each cover is crafted from the pages of Braille editions of popular magazines, not only giving it a super chic look, but also making it practically impossible to lose in even the furthest depths of your disorganized bag. Handcrafted and bound with your choice of red, green or blue thread, the inside is also made from reclaimed paper. We call this, a total page turner.

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