The Write Stuff Part I


Every now and then we like to highlight a group of products that we think are particularly nice, and this week, we're focusing on paper and stationery. While perusing the goods in a desk supplies boutique in Grand Central recently, we discovered a fantastic line of journals, wired notebooks, blank books, and art paper: Boku Books. Journaling fiends – take note! Boku Books come in dozens of handy sizes and beautiful colors; more importantly, they’re made from a material called kenaf, a 4000 year old crop that originated in Africa but is now grown (without the need for any pesticide or fertilizer whatsoever) in many parts of the US. Kenaf yields five times the fiber that Southern Pine trees do and requires less energy for processing. Currently, Boku Books are 30% tree-free kenaf fiber and 70% recycled sheet, but the company hopes to be turning out 100% kenaf products very soon. Place wholesale orders online, or check the company’s online list of distributors.