Tea, Crumpets, and Magic


Tea and coffee drinkers, meet your new favorite kitchen appliance: the wisdom wand. The glass straw (two forms: tea and coffee, order separately) really is as magical as it sounds, if you can just ignore the unbearably tacky name for a minute. Here’s how it works. First, pour boiling water and as much loose tea or ground coffee as you like into your mug. Then stir, and drink up, straight through your Health Tea Wand (ugh) or Java Wand (puh-lease). The Health Tea Wand has a mesh filter at the end, for keeping out coffee grinds, and the Java Wand has a perforated glass ball, for keeping out tea leaves—so you’ll reduce waste (bid those soggy coffee filters and tea bags farewell forever) and protect your pearly whites from staining at the same time. The Wand container holds both your wand and two servings of your favorite coffee or tea—perfect for traveling or taking to the office. Order online from Green Home, $17 for tea, $19 for coffee.


Pretty cool--but isn't it pretty much exactly like the straws people have always used for drinking mate?