Midas Touch


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but unfortunately, the process surrounding their mining, extraction, and trade isn’t quite as kind. The same goes for gold, silver, and tons (literally) of other gems and metals that can wreak environmental and social havoc (remember Blood Diamond?). That’s why responsible jewelers like Toby Pomeroy are such, well, gems. Tired of relying on the Kimberley Process (which, it turns out, has been falling short for years now), Pomeroy decided to forge an alternate path in 2004 and has been working exclusively with reclaimed gold and silver and conflict-free (no really) diamonds ever since. And thanks in part to his pioneering ways the entire industry is moving toward real ethical and environmental reform ( Check out Pomeroy’s rings, necklaces, and signature hoop earrings at They’re to die for—you know what we mean.