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Let’s not mince words. These bags are awesome. We’re so excited to have discovered them that if not for manufacturer District Cotton’s strict “no two alike” policy, we probably wouldn’t even be letting you in on the secret right now. Made in Buenos Aires from old vinyl billboards, these funky satchels scream awesomeness and international hipster flare and keep trash out of landfills at the same time. Plus, since District Cotton gets the billboards for free, they donate a fixed sum per billboard to Tendiendo Puentes, a local charity that provides for homeless children in Buenos Aires. When you shop for your sweet sweet bag online, you’ll select not just the make—shoulder, bowling, mini-class, or messenger style university bag—but also the exact bag (billboard design) you want. Check out the collection—ranging from $54 to $90—at www.districtcotton.com.

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