Rudolph the Recycled Reindeer


Yes, there was a brief moment when Rudolph was ridiculed for having a nose that burned with a fiery red brightness. But after he single-nosedly saved the holiday season with his super shiny knocker, all the other reindeer finally changed their tune and color, too. But now, some of the reindeer have gone green. Handmade in a Mayan highland community located in Southern Mexico, the Latendita reindeer is crafted from wool that was leftover from clothing production in the indigenous village. Splendidly soft and quite cuddly, these colorful critters make the perfect gift for the equally colorful child in your life. And because the proceeds help support the Lower East Side Girls’ Club, we won’t be surprised if you find yourself, well, shouting out with glee. Check out all of their great gifts at