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You’ve suspected for quite a while that something rather unsightly was taking over your home, and now you’ve finally spotted it—yes, there it is, the explosion of electronics cascading out of your outlet, littering your living room floor. With a charger for every last gosh darn gadget you own, it’s no wonder your mobile phone, iPod, and digi cam are at war with one another over who gets to plug in. Condense the clutter with Miniwiz’s Hymini, a hybrid charger that can be used to, well, charge almost any 5V appliance. Simply attach the charger to your bicycle or hybrid vehicle to capture the power of wind while you’re in motion, or pop in the solar panel to rake in the energy from the sun’s rays, or plug it into your computer while you’re at work—you get the idea. And while this appliance may be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the feeling you’ll get from saving both space and energy, now that’s something you can’t contain.

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