Let's Make A Deal


Buy One, Get One Free is a sales promotion rivaled only by January clearance in opportunistic appeal. But when the offer is a laptop and the “get one free” goes to a child in a developing country, it becomes an altogether unbeatable deal. For a limited time, One Laptop Per Child—the amazing social, technological, and educational initiative that supplies its revolutionary, $200 XO laptop to children in developing nations—is allowing individuals in the US and Canada to get a laptop and give a laptop for just $400. Designed by industry and scientific collaborators, the XO laptop looks like your standard laptop—albeit with several advanced features such as a video camera, digital writing tablet, and wi-fi antennae—but it’s one of the greenest products out there: The XO consumes a small fraction of the energy used by traditional laptops, and its non-toxic battery may be charged by the Sun or manually. Thus, children without access to a reliable source of electricity may use the laptop as a powerful educational tool, one that gives them the chance to learn from and connect with a network of students and teachers. Check out to purchase/donate an XO until November 26. After that, a $200 donation ensures the delivery of a laptop to a needy child. Who doesn’t love a bargain like that?