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Consider this scenario: The “new” computer you bought just two years ago runs unbelievably slowly (when it isn’t randomly shutting down) and has more bugs than your backyard. Sound familiar? Well, thanks to forward-thinking—and eco-minded—companies like HP, manufacturer-planned obsolence is one trend that's becoming, well, obsolete. Launched earlier this summer, HP’s new green desktop PC, the RP5700, is built to last for five years—that’s two-to-three years longer than the lifespan of a typical Mac or PC laptop. Better yet, it’s made of 95 percent recyclable components with a removable internal chassis for easy disassembly; it’s almost completely free of toxic and hazardous materials; and, paired with an HP flat panel monitor, it can save users as much as 80 percent in power consumption. To top it all off, the computer’s eco features combined with its stellar performance prompted a “gold” rating from the Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), the only third party tool designated to rate a computer’s environmental credentials. Now is that smart thinking or what?

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