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Celery has always been known for its crisp stems and considerable dose of Vitamin K, and as the perfect compliment to a certain spicy cocktail.  Now it’s getting recognized for its flair in the bedroom, too.  With Celery’s Lullaboo line of nursery furniture, you can add a modern touch to the most mundane of spaces. Choose from a selection of bamboo with non-toxic adhesives and 100 percent recycled, formaldehyde-free fiberboard (MDF) with zero to low-VOC finishes. Completely sans-hardware, each precious piece can be easily constructed using an old woodworking technique known as mortise and tenon—basically, the narrowed end of one piece (the tenon) fits into a hole in the adjoining piece (the mortise)—and a bamboo mallet.  And with a new line of adult furniture set to come out in May 2008, it seems celery has never tasted so good.

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