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Seaweed Chic


Although new to the fashion world, Blake Hamster has already mastered the art of designing a highly covetable clothing collection. Created by the same manufacturers who whip up garments for Chanel and Calvin Klein, each of the brand's limited-edition offerings embodies a collaboration between designers, artists, and musicians from across the globe. But it's the green element that most entices us: Produced sweatshop-free, Blake Hamster's eight new men’s and women's shirts are made from organic cotton and a seaweed-derived material called Seacell. Smashing any notion that "eco" equals "earthy," the collection includes a long-sleeved, hipster-ready men's tee created by Iran-born designer/DJ/graffiti artist Hamansutra, and a lilac-hued sweatshirt-as-storybook piece dreamed up by a Berlin-based musician known as Miss Le Bomb.

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