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Tulip Phone Home


“Please enter the three digit number of the plant you would like to reach.” Probably not a tele-command you hear every day, but it’s what you’ll get if you give Botanicalls a ring. Botanicalls is a system that connects you to your houseplants via telephone, so you and your hydrangea can, theoretically, have that long-overdue chat. Here’s how it works: you place a wired moisture sensor in your plant’s pot, and when moisture levels get too low, it gives you a call on the phone. Conversely, you can give your plant a ring if you want to check in, or are just feeling a bit lonely. Messages your plant might send you via Botanicalls include: a request for water, a confirmation of and thanks for watering, a request for more water if initial watering was not sufficient, and a notification of unnecessary watering. Who knew your fern was so gracious? Goals of the project are (in this order) to facilitate plant-human communication, to remind humans of their connection to the natural world, and to keep the plants alive. Could this be the missing link between you and that lush garden you always wanted? Jury’s still out, but we’re definitely intrigued.

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