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Virgin Territory


There's so much to love about the jersey trend: the fantastically flowy drape, unparalleled comfort, near-miraculous ability to flatter almost any figure. But it's not just those sensual pleasures that make us lust after Sworn Virgins' stretchy jersey tops, skirts, dresses, and leggings. Launched last year, the entire line is made from renewable, biodegradable bamboo that's produced with zero pesticides. L.A.-based designers Roshanne Aghevli and Alex Amini - who named their company after an ancient Albanian custom in which women pledged lifelong chastity - also keep it pure by recycling the water used in their dying process. And since no Sworn Virgin piece requires any eco-unfriendly dry-cleaning, it's that much easier for ladies to look every bit the fox while still treading lightly on Mother Nature.

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