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Click a Mouse, Plant a Tree


The cost of going green is all relative. When you’re already forking over a grand or so for a new computer, what’s a few extra bucks for carbon offsetting? That must be part of the thinking behind Dell’s new Plant A Tree For Me campaign, which gives you the option of offsetting the energy your new computer will use during it’s entire lifetime right at checkout. Donations go toward planting trees in sustainably managed forests through The Conservation Fund and carbonfund.org. Call us geeky, but we thought it was sort of fun to see how much it costs to offset various pieces of equipment. A desktop, at $6, costs three times as much to offset as a notebook, and a laser printer, at $4, cost four times as much to offset as regular printer. Then, there’s the option of offsetting your entire work station for $13, your server for $40, or yourself for a whole year, for only $99. Who knew you were so cheap?  --Tobin Hack

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