Bridging the Gap


Eco-friendly clothes have been popping up at mainstream retailers from H&M to L.L. Bean, so it was only a matter of time before The Gap dipped its toe in the green pool. The ubiquitous purveyor of jeans and tees now offers 100-percent organic cotton T-shirts for men, free of both chemical dyes and bleach. The company cited increased demand as a major factor in its decision to start incorporating eco-friendly fibers, but it’s definitely approaching with caution. While the shirts come in a variety of styles (crew-neck, v-neck, and tank), they unfortunately are not available in women’s or kids’ sizes—yet. In the meantime, look for the “100-percent organic” hangtag, stock up, and hopefully it won’t be too long before you can outfit the whole family.


it still isn't a good idea to shop there because they ship all their products from third-world factories. If products start to be sourced locally, I might start going back there :)

Are you serious? Are you really suggesting that H&M is "green" or in some way promotes sustainability? They don't call it "fast fashion" for nothing. Perhaps their purchase of the back cover of the newest issue has influenced you in some way.