Plates with a Past


What do Britney Spears and Sarah Cihat’s line of china have in common? They’ve both been to rehab. Born out of Sarah’s belief in recycling, Rehabilitated Dishware offers used or unwanted plates (which she rescues from Salvation Army and Goodwill) that have been reglazed and refired with kitschy designs, creating completely new, modern-feeling pieces. We love the juxtaposition of dark symbols—like skulls or spiders—with the uber-feminine flowered china patterns underneath. Hang a group on the wall in a striking gallery or use them to funk up an otherwise casual table. Platters, bowls and mugs are available at, as is a list of retailers.


I love this!! Her work is amazing!

My only idea to recycle dishware is break it in pieces and use it for mosaics.