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The Savannah Bee Company may be famous for its refined honey in sophisticated flavors like black sage and sourwood, but its line of skin care is just as yummy. The sweet-smelling lotions, soaps, and lip balms are made using beeswax, a byproduct of honey production and a natural moisturizer, and without harmful additives like parabens, petroleum, or artificial colors and fragrances. The company cares about the earth, too: many products are packaged in recycled (and recyclable) materials. We love the Blackberry Lip Tint for its fruity flavor as much as for its sheer wash of color, and the super-thick Orange Mint Overnight Foot Treatment is a favorite for softening tough toes. Feet as sweet as honey—that’s one of nature’s miracles.

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As a fellow Georgian, I have to give a full endorsement to the Savannah Bee Company. All their products are amazing. Their Honey Chocolate Cake is certainly not to be missed. But, these personal care products are great too. Personally, I order a lot of the Orange Overnight Foot Treatment, though actually I’m sort of obligated to buy it by my fiancé. About once a week she has me rub her feet down while we watch an old movie. While that sounds a little disgusting if we’re talking about Gold Bond or even Jergen’s lotion, when you’re doing it with honey, it’s actually quite sensual. I’ve also found that people who get it as a gift are quite taken with it – it’s a fairly original thing to give. Has anyone tried the honey/ tea pack though? I’ve begun drinking more and more tea and I didn’t know what the quality of the tea was that comes in this gift pack.

Definitely check out the Savannah Bee website. As already mentioned, there are lots of great products, including a number of great gift packs (I’ve been giving these to clients recently). One of the better parts of the site, though, is an explanation of bees themselves, providing a basic guide to where the honey in the Savannah products comes from. I always like when companies provide this kind of information. It gives them something to say other than simply shilling their product (the new fragrance website from LaCoste is another good example). It makes you feel as though you are part of something important, and even if that is just a sophisticated marketing tool, it’s a pretty ingenious way of interacting with the consumer.

My aunt gave me a lipbalm last Christmas because she noticed that my lips are always chapped. After three days my lips turned red and luscious. Unlike other products, I don’t have any problem putting it on even during eating time because it doesn’t affect the taste of the food I’m eating. I just love the product.

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