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Impress your significant other this Valentine’s Day with diamond studs from Leber Jeweler’s Earthwise Jewelry collection. Unlike traditional accessories, these gems are harvested without destructive mining methods and unfair labor practices. The earrings are made from Canadian non-conflict diamonds and set in partially reclaimed gold or platinum.

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my fiance designed my engagement ring with brian leber and we would recommend him to anyone! he and his wife own the operation and have serious integrity and dedication to the environmental and social issues that surround the diamond industry. highly recommended!

I would like to point out that GreenKarat uses lab-created diamonds and entirely recycled gold, which is, without argument, better for the planet.

My wife and I both wear rings from Leber Jeweler. We are reassured by the knowledge that all aspects of these symbols of our lifelong commitment to each other were carefully considered, and qualified by people who care deeply about all the issues, and who have impeccable credentials in their industry. As our permanent jeweler of choice we know that in a world were "conflict free diamonds" has become just another marketing slogan, everything about our purchase has been addressed as conscientiously as possible. I cannot recommend Leber Jeweler highly enough.

It seems like both of these jewelers go far above and beyond what the traditional jewelers in the industry are doing, it would be hard to go wrong selecting either of them over other available options. In an industry that has obscured and denied for so long, anyone who takes a stand and commits to doing it better is moving us all forward. I know because I've been looking - the "green" alternatives aren't abundant and I hope that people like Brian Leber and the folks at GreenKarat are successful in their mission. I read an article after seeing "Blood Diamond" that said pulling out of Africa would be disastrous for local people who have no alternatives but diamond mining, so social considerations also play a role in my decision. I agree that manufactured stones seem like a good alternative environmentally, but well managed mining where proceeds go to the community that does all the work rather than fat corporations like DeBeers (which gets enough of its share already) could be a solution. How we get there and who keeps watch is a huge question, obviously. Hopefully people who already show that they care can help chip away at this monumental challenge! In the mean time, I'm still undecided on whether I buy a ring....

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