Down to the Wire


Admit it: One-fourth of your closet is occupied by a stash of wire dry-cleaning hangers just waiting to be disposed of.  In fact, Americans go through more than 3.5 billion wire hangers every year.  But one new company, Hanger Network, hopes to keep those dry-cleaning byproducts out of landfills.  The company recently created the EcoHanger, a shirt hanger made from 100 percent recycled (and recyclable) paperboard.  Hanger Network offers EcoHangers to dry cleaners free of charge; all they have to do is sign up to start receiving shipments. Hanger Network generates revenue by printing advertisements on the paper hangers--major companies like L’Oreal, Dunkin Donuts, and Revlon already plan on buying ads. They’ll be hitting major cities within the next six weeks.


Maybe it's my ignorance, but aren't wire hangers made out of steel, which is recyclable almost anywhere in the developed world?

I have for years brought my dry cleaner hangers back to the dry cleaner for reuse. They are always happy to take them. I also save every single pin (safety or straight) and bring back to the cleaners. It is silly to recycle hangers when they can be reused. Recycling should be the last step of a hanger's life.

I have not been able to find any dry cleaners in San Francisco that will take back hangers. Does anyone know of one who takes them?
Thanks, pamela osgood

Try Blue Sky Cleaners. See link at