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November 4th's environmental initiatives

How did voters nationwide decide on their states' green ballot initiatives?

By Jessica A Knoblauch

On Election Day most green-spirited voters across the nation enthusiastically cast their ballots for Obama. Some voters were able to take matters into their own hands by voting on state-specific initiatives and referendums. Here’s a roundup of how the proposed green laws fared. Continue reading November 4th's environmental initiatives

David Hertz's Non-Toxic Homes

Site-specific designs and post-consumer materials have led the Venice-based architect to craft a roof out of an airplane's wing.

By Amber Bravo

Hertz's Wing House is currently under construction in the Santa Monica Mountains

David Hertz first discovered his passion for the outdoors through the ocean. Growing up in Malibu in the ’60s and ’70s, Hertz “basically watched the Santa Monica Bay become a giant septic tank,” he recalls. “I surf regularly, and that put me in contact with the natural world and the impact the built environment has on it.” Continue reading David Hertz's Non-Toxic Homes

Stealing Gas

After her tank was mysteriously depleted, the author arrived at the only solution: ditching her car. (Sort of.)

By Jessica A. Knoblauch

I’m not a typical New Yorker. I don’t drink coffee, I prefer neither the Mets nor the Yankees, and I can’t recite all the routes on the subway system. But what really sets me apart the most from other New Yorkers is that I own a car. I don’t use it much, which means that on most days it sits vacant on a side street, out of sight and out of mind. But recently I’ve come to suspect that someone else has been watching it pretty closely: the fuel gage mysteriously dropped from half full to empty during a week when I barely drove a mile.

Continue reading Stealing Gas

Election Day is here at long last

Everything you need to review the issues and candidates, one final time

By Plenty editors

After twenty months of campaigning (that’s since February 2007…whew), the debates and deliberations over who will make the best next president of the United States have concluded. Finally it is time to cast your vote. But on the off chance that you are still unsure who to choose or want to review the environmental records of the Democrat and Republican tickets one last time, the resources are all right here.

Continue reading Election Day is here at long last

Plenty's 2008 election issues index

Little known: Obama on organics. McCain on GMOs. Biden on lithium ion batteries. And, Palin on renewable energy.

By Plenty staff

With only seven weeks before Election Day, it’s time to get ultra clear on the issues and who stands for what. So just in case you’re still fuzzy on some of the details, we’ve assembled a chart outlining where the Democrat and Republican White House candidates weigh in on ten issues important to Plenty readers. From energy and climate to wildlife and food, our Election Issues Index will help you brush up on the choices before the November 4th vote.


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