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DIY: Window Treatments

With a handmade shade, you can add some style while saving some energy

By Lindsay Kurz

As the weather turns colder and energy prices stay high, one of the best things you can do for your budget and your carbon footprint is to better insulate your home. In this, the first in a weekly series of do-it-yourself projects, we show how to reduce heat loss through your windows by hanging a simple flat panel known as a Roman shade. Continue reading DIY: Window Treatments

Gassing Up Green

As enviro-minded consumer choices go mainstream, even traditionally un-eco businesses like convenience marts are implementing environmental initiatives

By Jennifer Acosta Scott

Visiting a gas station has always felt like a less-than-altruistic move. You arrive by car, help yourself to some fossil fuels, and maybe grab a Styrofoam cup of coffee on your way out. But if Alvaro Garza and Bruce Bagelman have their way, these usually-necessary evils could soon become slightly less egregious in terms of their environmental footprint.

Continue reading Gassing Up Green

From the magazine: Seasonal Sippers

Boston chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier share recipes for their favorite seasonal cocktails.

The chef-duo at Arrows, a mecca of sustainable dining in Boston, have opened another area eatery, aptly named Summer Winter. Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier serve a striclty seasonal menu of from-the-earth dishes like salt cod beignets and dandelion salad with currants and pine nuts. The on-site greenhouse supplies most ingredients, including herbs and edible flowers for the restaurant's signature "locavore libations." Recipes for four of these are after the jump. Continue reading From the magazine: Seasonal Sippers

Conservation Easements Preserve Open Space

A legal strategy to protect privately-owned land is growing in popularity.

By Wendy Lyons Sunshine

Every spring since 2004, Esther and Pablo Elliott have tended the soil of their 91-acre organic farm and every summer and fall they’ve been rewarded with broccoli, tomatoes, okra, chard, and more. Just an hour’s drive from Washington, DC, Stoney Lonesome Farm is the Elliotts’ passion and provides much of their livelihood. So in 2004, they were horrified to learn that the Commonwealth of Virginia was planning to slice a new highway exchange and electrical corridor through their treasured farmland. Continue reading Conservation Easements Preserve Open Space

Bovine Beano

Reducing emissions from methane-spewing cows

By Ben Whitford

Cows may look harmless, but within Daisy’s docile exterior lurks dangerous source of climate-changing greenhouse gases: A typical cow belches or farts hundreds of liters of methane every day. That adds up to a whopping 18 percent of global emissions coming from the world’s 1.5 billion cattle. And with livestock emissions predicted to double by mid-century, researchers are racing to find a bovine version of Beano. Nobody’s hit the jackpot yet, but here are some of the more promising flatulence-busting technologies. Continue reading Bovine Beano
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