Election Day is here at long last

Everything you need to review the issues and candidates, one final time

By Plenty editors

After twenty months of campaigning (that’s since February 2007…whew), the debates and deliberations over who will make the best next president of the United States have concluded. Finally it is time to cast your vote. But on the off chance that you are still unsure who to choose or want to review the environmental records of the Democrat and Republican tickets one last time, the resources are all right here.

Check out our Election Issues Index, which sums up where the two tickets weigh in on ten issues important to Plenty readers—from energy and climate to wildlife and food.

Or review who is financing which candidate, the carbon footprints of McCain and Obama (and their campaigns), and how the VP contenders match up.

The presidential race isn’t the only issue on ballots today. There are also congressional races and initiatives up for vote. Brush up on the key issues here.

And finally, if you’re still seeking insight into what kind of environmental leader Barack Obama and John McCain would make, read our special investigative reports on Obama's and McCain's respective environmental philosophies.

Or for access to our complete campaign coverage, visit Plenty, Election 2008.

Now, get out and vote.

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