Almost Live From the Miami Book Fair

Green themes were in abundance at the 25th annual literary fest.

By Roberta Cruger

Another panel featured Mark Kurlansky discussing overfishing and his book, The Last Fish Tale about America’s oldest fishing port in Massachusetts, and Ronnie Greene discussing Night Fire: Big Oil, Poison Air, and Margie Richard ’s Fight to Save Her Town.

Miami Herald humor columnist Dave Barry signed his latest volume, History of the Millennium (So Far), after joking about the bailouts, suggesting the auto industry be rescued on one condition: stop making cars. “What I hear from the experts, is that if we don't so something radically different to change our lifestyle, [global warming] is going to be a problem," he understated. "It won't affect us…but it will affect our kids. I say to hell with that. I say it's payback for hip-hop.” 

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