Almost Live From the Miami Book Fair

Green themes were in abundance at the 25th annual literary fest.

By Roberta Cruger

“Hey, we hit the fire code,” said Michael Grunwald, moderator of the “Everyday Toxicities” panel at the 2008 Miami Book Fair last weekend. “It’s great to know these guys got so much interest.” The jammed SRO room reached capacity at 100-plus, with a long line of hopeful attendees clamoring in the hallway, foregoing 14 other simultaneous sessions, including ones featuring bestselling novelists Carl Hiaasen and Michael Cunningham (of The Hours fame), elsewhere on the Miami-Dade College campus.

The Time magazine correspondent and author of The Swamp: The Everglads, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise, introduced the impressive panel: investigative reporter Mark Schapiro, author of Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products; organic farmer Will Allen of “Farms Not Arms,” who wrote The War on Bugs; and Gene Baur, discussing Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food.

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