David Hertz's Non-Toxic Homes

Site-specific designs and post-consumer materials have led the Venice-based architect to craft a roof out of an airplane's wing.

By Amber Bravo

Hertz's Wing House is currently under construction in the Santa Monica Mountains

David Hertz first discovered his passion for the outdoors through the ocean. Growing up in Malibu in the ’60s and ’70s, Hertz “basically watched the Santa Monica Bay become a giant septic tank,” he recalls. “I surf regularly, and that put me in contact with the natural world and the impact the built environment has on it.”


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never have commented before - I mostly agree with what I see - however this Hertz house is over the pale! - Once upon a time I lived in LA - how did Hertz ever get a permit for a "scrap roof" for LA county? - I don't buy sustainable at 55 acre sites and 30 grand roofs - sustainable for who?? now here's one - try a house for family of 5 on a 1/4 acre lot that produces 100% of power and most of their food for $30,000 - That's sustainable!

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