The eco traveler's guide to Barcelona

Where to sleep, what to see, and the restaurants you can't miss in one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world.

By Adriana V. Lopez

Las Ramblas

Barcelona’s city dwellers are both stylish and eco conscious to the max. Visit La Manual Alpargatera for a pair of traditional Catalonian espadrilles made with natural vegetable-fiber (hemp, jute, esparto grass) soles and cotton or linen uppers. They’re heavenly for both street and beach walking. Or take home a cool messenger bag from Demano (the name means handmade, see below). The patchwork pop art design is comprised of recycled materials like PVC polyester from banners promoting cultural events. Everyone in Barcelona—where refashioned design is called “trashion”—has one. One person’s trashion is another person’s killer souvenir. 

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