Realtors Sell Green

Specialized training boosts real estate agents’ eco credibility.

By Rebecca Ragain

For Menashe, the certification program was just the beginning of becoming versed in the best ways to make a home that has a smaller environmental impact than conventional homes.

“Now the agents [who took the S.T.A.R. course] have a thirst for knowledge about the issues,” Menashe says. “It’s up to them to find new issues to explore, and to find ways to communicate to their clients.”

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This is very exciting. I think it's such a great opportunity to be able to participate in educating the public in responsible ways to live in harmony with nature. When we think about global warming we need to remember that each one of us is responsible. We need to all learn how to make the most responsible decisions possible to reverse warming and just to live resposnsibly. Realtors can have a huge impact! Thanks, Plenty Magazine for all that you do.

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