Sleep On It

One way to reuse all those freakin’ plastic bags: make mattresses.

By Laura Fraser

Now the entire town of San Miguel de Allende is saving bags, with collection bins located at the church and local stores. “More people are donating bags to the project than are actually going to church, including the Mexican community,” says Sands. The project, she says, has helped people learn to recycle the bags instead of throwing them away. “We’ve taken an eyesore and nonrecyclable garbage and turned it into something that will make a big difference in people’s lives,” says Sands. “A good night’s sleep.”

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This seems like a very worth while endeavor and I would very much like to suggest it to our church, but I would like to know if there is a way to get instructions on exactly how the mattresses are constructed, piece by piece?
Thanks, love your magazine.

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