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Bob Perkowitz, founder of ecoAmerica, on reinvigorating the environmental movement. By Rabia Mughal

Perkowitz: Our NASCAR campaign is in the hopper. We're in an exploratory phase so we have to talk to a bunch of people and see whether or not we can get support for it. But one of the other campaigns we're working on targets college students. When we launch that program in June, college and university presidents are going to be leading the campaign that we're preparing for them to help colleges and universities go carbon neutral.

Plenty: What niche does EcoAmerica fill that other environmental groups don'?

Perkowitz: We are not a membership organization; we're not competing with other environmental organizations for members and dollars. We are out here to support them. We're trying to use world-class consumer research and world-class consumer marketing to figure out how to engage people in environmental protection. We’re taking our research and we are sharing it with the environmental community to hopefully open up their eyes to some new techniques and tactics to make their organizations more effective.

Plenty: What are your long-term goals for ecoAmerica?

Perkowitz: Our goal is to change American personal and public policy behaviors towards greater protection of our natural heritage by preserving the land and keeping it clean. The way that we want to do that is by leverage, but we will never have enough leverage by our self to do it. We want to partner with other environmental organizations, for-profit organizations, and schools and institutions. Our goal is really to preserve American by making the environmental movement more relevant and effective.

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There's been talk of Electric Car racing at the Lime Rock race track in Connecticut for a couple of years... I hope EcoAmerica will lend a hand towards that effort.

Bonjour Mr Perkowitz

Your strategic intent to focus and engage the collecitve creative energy on the brand of Climate Adaptation by the marketing sector is a visionary spark of direction.

My 36 years in the international marketing community from Canada and the intimate connections with the environmental sector. Confirm my worst fear .That infact the existing environmental movement is and will detract from the mission of Climate Adapatation behaviour. As they will and are protecting their existing environmental brands not managing their philanthropy purpose.

Fear not Bob and court not the existing environmental protection agencies. As it is NOT the environment we leaders are destined to protect.It is the atmosphere !!!

Focus your energy now on nurturing the new thought leaders and warriors of the Climate Adaptation effort as they are "the ones we have been wating for" and do not fear to speak openly about the TRUTH about Climate Change,if you have the personal courage

Because with the single mention of the TRUTH. You and all that speak its clarity of vision , will instantly engage those American farmers, NASCAR dads, the souls of Africa in their homes, the french in Paris and the most disadvanced,in this single and vital reality.

That the TRUTH about Climate Change is that really is Climate Genocide

Congrats on your efforts and may your visionary energy allow you to tell the TRUTH with your strong and sound Ecoamerica voice

A Human Being

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