Earth '06: An Election Guide

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A novice pol eyes an incumbent Republican’s seat

Twenty-nine-year-old Tessa Hafen, former press secretary for Senate minority leader Harry Reid of Nevada, is challenging Republican Jon Porter, a two-term incumbent. On environmental issues, the choice is clear: Porter supported drilling in ANWR and weakening the Endangered Species Act of 1973, while Hafen says she wants to take advantage of Nevada’s abundant solar-, wind-, and geothermal-energy sources to help solve America’s energy crisis. As Nevada faces the possibility of a nuclear-waste site at Yucca Mountain, Hafen criticizes Porter for not taking a strong stand against the dump.

Connecticut 5th Congressional District

Sen. Christopher Murphy (D) vs. Rep. Nancy Johnson (R)
Latest poll: Murphy 51%, Johnson 43% 

A green Republican hopes to fend off a young Democrat

Seeking her 13th House term, 71-year-old Republican Nancy Johnson faces a tough challenge from 32-year-old State Senator Christopher Murphy. Johnson’s one of a small House coalition of green Republicans: She’s worked on land preservation issues and pushed for a ban on oil drilling in ANWR. But Murphy, an Environmental Committee member in the state senate, isn’t letting Johnson take all the green glory. On Earth Day, he blasted Johnson’s environmental voting record, saying it was the worst in the Connecticut delegation. But environmental groups, such as the League of Conservation Voters, are sticking with Johnson.

Ohio 15th Congressional District

Mary Jo Kilroy (D) vs. Rep. Deborah Pryce (R)
Latest poll: Kilroy 53%, Pryce 41%

A challenger pushes eco-politics in Ohio

Rep. Deborah Pryce, the fourth-highest ranking Republican in the House, is fighting for her political life. Chairman of the House Republican Conference, a group that crafts GOP campaign messages, Pryce faces Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy, a Franklin County Board commissioner. Pryce supported oil drilling in ANWR and weakening the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Kilroy, a member of the Sierra Club since 1981, successfully pushed for the county’s government cars to use biodiesel; she also supports a county plan to conserve 25,000 acres of land in the Big Darby Creek area, a favorite target of developers.
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