Bush and the Environment

A hit parade of the Bush Administration’s environmental foibles (and even a few good deeds). By Victoria Schlesinger

February 6: Bush’s proposed 2007 budget allots $1.2 billion toward renewable energy, a mere 0.2 percent more than the amount budgeted for 2006.

May 25: The House of Representatives approves drilling in ANWR, but the Senate is expected to vote it down.

June 15: Bush creates the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument, the world’s largest protected marine area.

June 19: The Supreme Court delivers a precariously split vote on the definition of wetlands under the Clean Water Act, an outcome many environmentalists consider a frighteningly close call.

November 7: Election Day.

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This is an informative timeline, but it should include the Bush administration's action on January 15, 2003 when they published an announcement of a new policy excluding an estimated 20 million acres of wetlands and many other waters from protection under the Clean Water Act. While the environmental community and its allies and members of Congress mounted a successful campaign to stop the administration from re-writing the definition of waters protected under the law, the administration's policy remains in place today.

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