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Eli Pariser talks about why the environment will matter in the 2006 elections. By Kiera Butler

Environmentalists in the sixties had a very different agenda—and a different strategy for accomplishing that agenda—from young environmentalists now. How has the movement changed?
I’m 25, so I don’t have a lot of direct experience with the sixties, but one difference is that people these days don’t separate the environment from many other key political issues. People don’t wake up and say, “I care about the environment, but I don’t care about war or what we’re doing for the poor”—well, there are probably a few people like that, but it’s not the majority. The majority of us want to see our country do right and do well in a lot of ways.

What’s the best way to mobilize young people in the environmental movement today?
I don’t think young people are a different species. And maybe that’s because I still consider myself to be relatively young. But I think what you need to mobilize young people is the same thing you need in order to mobilize anyone: a clear argument that what you’re asking them to do makes a difference and a vision about what that difference is.

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