Attack of the Antlers

As urban deer populations swell, cities take action. By Alisa Opar

“In exercise class on Friday, we were doing kick-boxing-esque maneuvers and were instructed to imagine we were committing mayhem to ‘the person we hated most from the week.’ A regular named Valerie piped in, ‘You mean like the deer that ran into my car?’”

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The photo used for this article is unjust and misleading. These clearly are farm raised deer used for supplying hunt clubs and the like. To show so many fenced in, deliberately reproduced deer alongside an article that mentions Anthony DiNicola as an authority on urban deer is poor journalism.

DiNicola, a supposed urban deer "expert" is really a glorified, highly paid hunter, who has taken a sacred Native American symbol of the white buffalo and made it one of death and malicious destruction.

What hunter would not love to have all expenses paid hunts all over North America-also PAID to legally shoot whatever numbers of deer he alone deemed were "too many" over baited sites from September through March of each year?

In order to gain my respect, any urban wildlife specialist should not have personal gain of an income of hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in killing the very numbers he alone is hired to assess. Why is DiNicola/White Buffalo continually in the news all over the U.S? Because being a clever media person and a wickedly successful manipulator of urban wildlife "science" has made him the "expert" that cities call when there are too problematic deer.

Cities hire White Buffalo to assess how many deer to kill, and then the same company is hired to kill the deer! Isn't this like a real estate appraisor buying one's property immediately after putting a value on it? How utterly misleading and sad.

Beau Enriquez
Urban Wildlife Coalition
Chicago IL

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