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Film Review: The Day the Earth Stood Still

The self-righteous treehugging moviegoer’s dilemma: does a dud movie get brownie points for taking a stab at eco themes?

By Tobin Hack


The problem with being a movie-loving environmentalist is that you are forever suffering through the trailers of brainless flicks like Blades of Glory, railing against the mindless idiocy of it all, ruing the day Jim Carrey was born, wondering how much carbon dioxide was emitted to make that abysmal-looking Chihuahua disaster. Wishing that someone in Hollywood would just please, finally, throw some of the big money at issues like climate change, ocean acidification, and the global water crisis. Wishing someone would harness the power of Hollywood and bring it to the people. Continue reading Film Review: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Sewers to Sinks

A drought-stricken California county has found a new source of water: its toilets

By Jonathan Parkinson

“Here, try this," says Gina DePinto, a spokesperson for the Orange County Water District [OCWD] as she offers me a bottle of NEWater from a cooler. It looks like it could be any other brand, but there’s one slight difference: this water came from a sewer in Singapore. I unscrew the cap and go bottoms up. Although it has been down a toilet, water-purity tests have shown the water to be some of Earth’s cleanest — and a possible solution to a global problem. Continue reading Sewers to Sinks

Focus: Greenland — Q&A With Current TV Producer Adam Yamaguchi

Current TV's reporter went to Greenland to see how environmentalists and end-of-the-world tourists experience a country that sees global warming as having an upside

By Tobin Hack

Around, say, February of this year, you probably got an email forward titled "Hipster Olympics." There are good forwards, and there are bad forwards. This was a good forward—a mockumentary. After you watched nonchalant hungover hipsters being rated on the tightness of their pants and the aptness of their ironic T-shirt selections, you sent the clip on to a dozen friends, most of them in their 20s or 30s, like yourself. You may or may not have been too busy laughing to notice that the clip was produced and distributed by Current TV, a peer-to-peer station founded in 2005. Continue reading Focus: Greenland — Q&A With Current TV Producer Adam Yamaguchi

Video Q&A with RFK Jr

By Mark Spellun

Plenty Editor in Chief Mark Spellun, along with Treehugger, sat down with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Monday night after a benefit for the Waterkeeper Alliance that was part of the Eco-Salon series sponsored by Lexus. We talked about the Obama Administration's environmental agenda, rebuilding the national grid, getting consumers to buy into a green agenda, making the marketplace work, and how to save the big three auto makers.  


DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Start a new tradition by making tree ornaments out of recycled and repurposed materials.

By Plenty staff

Instead of store-bought trimmings for our office Christmas tree, the Plenty editors (along with a few crafty friends and family members) made ornaments entirely from found or recycled objects—no buying or using anything new. The resulting decorations were fresh, festive, and — if we do say so ourselves — surprisingly good. Here are a few standouts.

Continue reading DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments
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