Organic cotton towels for any budget

'Tis the showering and toweling season. When summer gets gritty, be kind to yourself and the environment with organic cotton bath towels. Buying organic cotton when you have a choice is importanat because it's produced without toxic chemicals such as atrazine, the second most widely used herbicide in the U.S. According to new research from the University of California San Francisco, atrazine in concentrations lower than allowed in U.S. drinking water caused endocrine-disrupting effects in zebrafish and lab-cultured human cells.

Enough of that! It's a good reason to do our part to increase demand for organic cotton. Best buy right now: on sale at J.C. Penney, only $9.99 for bath size, are Simply Green organic cotton  towels, in deep sage, mocha or cream, dobby-textured stripes. Also reasonable, organic bath towels from Brookstone are $24.95.  A perfect hostess gift would be the organic handloomed Turkish towels in a scroll design and vegetable dyes, $66.95,from Eco Bathroom; for our bathroom, we covet their scrumptious white terry towel sets (bath, face, hand). Colorful organic cotton bath towels, $34.95, bath sheets, $44.95, tub mats, $24.95; and hemp/cotton or fresh-looking bamboo/cotton shower currtains, fully lined,$139-179, are all at Crate and Barrel. Indulge.

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Mindy, thanks for sharing to good news. We are looking for organic towels made in the USA. If you come across any please let us know where to find them. Keep up the good work! We love your magazine, we pass along every issue. Have a great summer, Team Fred

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