Election 2008

Welcome to Plenty's coverage of the 2008 election and its most important environmental issues. Between now and November 4th, check here regularly for news on the candidates, analysis of their policies, breakdowns of the big and small environmental questions, and even, a bit of comic relief.

  Ben Whitford writes Political Climate, Plenty's tri-weekly political blog, bringing you the news you need about the people and parties running for election in 2008.

In a snappy chart, we've condensed the stances of the Democrat and Republican pres and VP candidates on ten issues important to Plenty readers. From energy and climate to wildlife and food, get a quick idea of how each candidate weighs in.

Read illuminating stories on the good, bad, and ridiculous of the 2008 election.

THIS WEEK: McCain's environmental record.
On environmental issues, the Republican nominee for president has gone from hero to zero. By Ben Whitford

Coal and clear skies.
Obama's balancing act. An investigative report of presidential hopeful Barack Obama's environmental philosophy. By Ben Whitford

Open Letter to Barack Obama and Family.
A modest proposal on the critical issue of White House pets. By Tobin Hack

A country so polarized that consuming arugula has become a political act.
A conservative thinker is branded a closet liberal based on the food he eats. By John Schwenkler

Who's giving money to which presidential campaign.
And what it tells us about the Obama and McCain policies. By Jessica A. Knoblauch

Decades old offshore drilling ban almost certain to expire.
Despite heated wrangling in Congress, oil and gas drilling three miles from shore will likely become legal. By Lawrence Lanahan

Plenty's highly unscientific guide to green voters.
A tongue-in-cheek breakdown of this election's eco voting demographic. By Ben Whitford

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