Palin takes a poke at PETA

Having spent Thanksgiving watching turkeys being butchered, Sarah Palin spent Christmas squaring off with PETA. The animal rights group says that it's been receiving legal threats from the Alaskan governor after posting an online game inviting players to pelt John McCain’s former running mate with virtual snowballs. “In real life, the moose and other animals Ms. Palin blows to smithereens don't stand a chance,” writes PETA blogger Liz Graffeo. “This game is just a bit of harmless payback.”

Unfortunately, Palin’s peeps apparently didn’t see things that way: according to Graffeo, shortly after the game went live the group’s policy wing received “a Scrooge-like phone call” from the Palin camp threatening legal action if the game wasn’t removed immediately. The telephonic threats - which PETA ignored - were soon followed by a flurry of angry emails from Palin’s communications director, denying that any threats had been made and accusing the animal rights folks of playing fast-and-loose with the facts.

With the Palin camp now denying that it ever threatened legal action, we’ll probably never get to the bottom of Snowballgate. Still, the PETA-Palin dust-up won’t do the Alaskan governor’s image any harm; for her army of conservative supporters, anyone who's got the animal-rights crowd frothing at the mouth must be doing something right. Ann Coulter penned a lengthy screed recently praising Palin for having "made liberals' heads explode", while over at the American Spectator they’re touting the liberal blogosphere’s continuing interest in Palin as evidence that she is “a potent political force for the future.”

And of course, Palin doesn’t need bloggers to blow her trumpet for her. Since heading back to Alaska she's been anointed Conservative of the Year by Human Events, and heralded as the next Margaret Thatcher by John O’Sullivan, the Iron Lady’s former speechwriter. She was the runner-up for Time's person of the year, and she’s got her own calendar, her own lifesize cardboard cut-out, her own doll, her own underwear, and even her own hunting bow. On top of all that, new polls suggest that Palin has got a solid chance of winning herself a Senate seat in 2010. One thing’s for certain: as 2008 draws to a close, “Caribou Barbie” has no intention of fading quietly into the woodwork.


This Wasilla Hillbilly needs to get over herself and fade away into oblivion. She got a taste of the limelight, and it went to her teeny tiny little head. What a complete moron, and an embarrassment to thinking women everywhere!

You will notice there is nothing about what Mrs. Palin thinks of herself in the article. It appears that it is both the left and the right that are enamored with her. Most writers know that if they put Mrs. Palin in the headline or article they will have a large response.