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American Gladiators, green books and movies, and An Inconvenient Truth: the opera

American Gladiators “going green?!” That’s what the TV promos spout, referring to the Green Hulk’s appearance on the show. In theaters this weekend the Edward Norton film, The Incredible Green Hulk, did greenify production. Its producer Gale Ann Hurd consulted with the Environmental Media Association (EMA) on raising the green standards for the movie, from building green sets to carbon offsetting. Perhaps nudged by Norton who’s long been a supporter of BP’s Solar Neighbor’s program? 

Last week, a flurry of eco-activity included: Gov. Arnold Schwarznegger and Mayor Michael Bloomberg joining UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to support the TOGETHER campaign, outlining easy ways to fight global warming, or as the Terminator put it: saying “hasta la vista to climate change.” Ted Danson’s Oceana org celebrated World Ocean Day on Sunday, June 8 with Rosario Dawson, Bob Woodruff, and La Mer, which launched their World Ocean Day Crème and donated $100,000 to save oceans. Across the pond, Prince Charles announced his Rainforests Project. And comedic actors Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy weren’t yukking it up as they rallied in Washington D.C. for Green Our Vaccines, an effort to eliminate toxins from children’s vaccinations suspected of causing autism.

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Celebrities’ green cribs

It probably won’t always be newsworthy when celebrities move into green dwellings—or perhaps it will just be hard to keep up because it’s happening more and more often. Two green thumbs up for these latest eco-estate acquisitions by the stars:

Just as Brad Pitt moves with Angelina Jolie and family into a French Chateau with an organic vineyard, the actor’s announced that he’s expanding his eco-home building projects in New Orleans to also join the same architectural team of consultants working on a green hotel in the ever-growing Dubai.

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Celebrities off the Grid, off the Meat, and on the Money

Between promoting the much-anticipated release of the Sex & the City movie, Kristin Davis told David Letterman last week all about her solar-powered house and her work in Africa with Oxfam. The actress, aka “Charlotte,” enthusiastically described watching her electric meter spin backwards, and because the system stores power in batteries, she’s prepared if the lights go out.

The finale for the upcoming Planet Green’s series, Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee, tapes this week at LA’s Greek Theater in Griffith Park to benefit the area destroyed by last year’s nearby wildfires. Concert performances include Tommy Lee and Ludacris (of course), Blue Man Group, and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, plus more. The show features the metalhead and rapper locked in an unlikely carbon footprint combat.

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Green Idol, and star-studded coast-to-coast eco-charities

For the season finales this week, American Idol is offsetting the live shows with renewable energy. LA’s Department of Water and Power improves its performance with a triple set of solar, wind, and hydro energy. Also, Idol will donate E-Village solar panels to a local school and plant greenery with LA’s Million Tree initiative. There’s a winner.

Biking activist/actor Matthew Modine connected his Bicycle For a Day org with American Forest’s “Global Releaf” campaign and TUMI’s “Go Green and Get Green” promotion. Pledging to plant 100,000 trees, the Weeds star is exhibiting his dramatic black and white photos of California’s fire-ravaged landscapes in TUMI stores and designed a limited-edition bike messenger bag with a BFAD dog tag, available through the luxe travel outfit this August. Proceeds benefit Modine's effort, American Forests, and Waterkeeper Alliance.

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Green skies and green screens

You can call him Al(armist): In the ongoing Fox attacks on Al Gore, the spinsters at the “news” channel took issue with his remarks excerpted from an interview on NPR’s Fresh Air, “blaming” global warming for the Myanmar cyclone – and other extreme weather conditions. Fox claims his beliefs are part of an alarmist agenda. Gore’s promoting his new book, The Assault on Reason, and apparently the irony escaped those naysayers at Fox…

In response to the tragic lack of response by the Myanmar’s government in getting aid to victims of the deadly cyclone, a series of PSAs from the Human Rights Action Center are attempting to get one million people involved in 30 days. The “Burma Can’t Wait” campaign is obtaining a curious list of celebrities counting off the days, from Will Ferrell on day 1 to Eddie Izzard on day 6…Sarah Silverman’s humor might motivate some, but it’s doubtful she’ll sway the county’s military rulers from balking at foreign intervention.

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