Celebs attend a variety of green events

Celebs supporting events a’plenty in the coming weeks. Take a look at the upcoming environmental gatherings with “green and famous” hosts and attendees:

At last week’s Clinton Global Initiative conference, Bono blasted the Wall Street bailout, while supporting self-sustaining African economies by selling special organic t-shirts featuring CBS’s Survivor show, created by his and his wife’s eco-clothing company Edun.

Sen. Hillary Clinton rallies at “Angelenos Go Green for Obama,” on October 4th, the first zero-waste, carbon-neutral fundraiser in LA. William Baldwin, Catherine Keener, and Meg Ryan will appear at the event, and Chris Cornell performs.

California Gov. Schwarzenegger announced he’s hosting a climate summit this November for governors and international leaders from Australia to Mexico. Wonder if Gov. Sarah Palin will attend, considering the candidate believes in aerial wolf-shooting, creationism, drilling in ANWR, that polar bears aren’t endangered, and that global warming isn’t man-made. Can’t wait for Thursday’s VP debate with Sen. Joe Biden.

Bette Midler’s annual Hulaween Gala to benefit New York’s Restoration Project is themed “Ghoulish Green Market.” Kathy Griffin will appear, Gloria Estefan will perform, and Alice Waters (of Chez Panisse fame) will be honored for her efforts with local, sustainable foods. Midler, who won the Rachel Carson award for Audubon’s Women in Conservation, said she’ll stop touring to stick with performing in Vegas, since her 14-truck entourage is a big energy waste.

Last week, actress/activist Ashley Judd addressed Conde Nast Traveler magazine’s Second Annual World Savers Congress, a celebration of the eco-travel biz which honored 38 places for Wildlife Conservation, Environmental and Cultural Preservation, Poverty Alleviation, Health, and Education. Judd spoke of “Five and Alive” (the publication’s water purification program), Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan gave a keynote speech, and Matt Damon, who graced the September cover, appeared via video to hail the “commitment to social responsibility.”

In December, Al Gore and Kevin Wall’s Live Earth concert returns, downsized to one venue in Mumbai, India and starring Bon Jovi as the headliner.

Goodbye to legendary actor Paul Newman, who died last Friday. Enjoy a feast of his natural organic salad dressing, pasta sauce, lemonade, and popcorn as a tribute to his “Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good,” the motto of Newman’s Own Foundation, which has donated $250 million to charitable causes over the last 25 years.  

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