Celebrity presence at the greenish Republican Convention

While members of the Creative Coalition Susan Sarandon and Spike Lee showed up at the Dem’s Denver shindig last week, co-president Tim Daly (Private Practice) will star-stud the Grand Ole Party’s party along with Kerry Washington (Ray) in the Twin Cities. The bipartisan nonprofit that brings “arts & letters” types together for causes hosts a “Bank of America Goes Green” reception. Read their initiatives and decide for yourself if they’re really green, or just greenwashed.

Hollywood’s politico honcho, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, can’t make the Republican Convention because he’s busy with budget problems in Sacramento, CA. Other notable no-shows include President Bush and VP Cheney, scheduled to speak Labor Day, but upstaged by Gustav raining on the parade. Some speculation claims that scheduling the current administration on opening night provided sufficient distance from the nominees and that the holiday meant lower viewership.


Instead of delegates’ revelry during a potential disaster, Laura Bush and Cindy McCain launched Gustav fundraising efforts at McCain’s “Country First” event at the Xcel Energy Center, appropriate considering the botched relief for Louisiana three years ago.   

Musical guests in Minneapolis entertaining this week include Republican loyalists: Beach Boys, Charlie Daniels Band, and Sammy Hagar. Also performing are American Idol winner Chris Daughtry and Smash Mouth, performing for the Coalition for a Conservative Majority. Nashville’s LeAnn Rimes and Gretchen “Redneck Woman” Wilson also appear.

Rage Against the Machine, which played for free in Denver, will charge $60 for the Twin Cities’ concert. Another act making a statement is Steve Earle who rallied union forces on Labor Day.

Today’s rising star is Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who’s Sen. John McCain’s choice of running mate in a transparent attempt to capture women and Evangelical votes. The “hockey mom” is already embroiled in the media’s scrutinizing limelight from Troopergate to her 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy. Regarding eco-issues, the Pro-Life VP nominee’s policies are worth examination.

Palin’s environmental policies are in question, from drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to opposing the listing of polar bears and whales as threatened species, support of teaching of intelligent design/creationism in schools, and believing that climate change is not man-made.