Batman’s eco-challenges and Demi Moore’s activist daughters

Holy pollution, Batman! The Dark Knight broke records, hauling off boffo box office this weekend, but during the nine-day November shoot in Hong Kong, the movie encountered a batch of off-the-chart eco-blunders. A scene with Christian Bale diving into Victoria Harbor had to be canceled due to toxic waters, when salmonella and tuberculosis were found among the sewage bacteria and industrial runoff. Did Acme Chemicals and U.S. tomatoes join up with The Joker to fight the Caped Crusader?  Then, Hong Kong officials expressed concern over noise pollution from helicopters swooping overhead at 2 am. Next, producers asked 60 companies to light up the dazzling Hong Kong skyline from 5 pm to midnight for a full week during filming. Not many of the companies cooperated. Perhaps the lighting effect got added in post-production, as suggested by the conservation group, Green Sense, who protested the conspicuous energy consumption… 

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher headed to Guatemala to work with Habitat for Humanity on building houses for local organic farmers, inspired by Scout, Moore’s daughter with Bruce Willis. Meanwhile their other daughter, Rumer, made an appearance last week at a Power of Paws event in Manhattan, an animal-friendly initiative that promotes the benefits of bonding with pets. 

Celebs on the line: In Australia, an effort to hang clothes outside in the sun to dry, instead of using gas or electric dryers, is spearheaded by The Hills (not to be confused with MTV's [un]reality show). Hills makes a line of clotheslines for yards and apartments - an oldie-but-goodie idea that’s making a comeback, thanks to celebrity spokes-folks like singers Dannii Minogue and Olivia Newton-John, and actor Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters). "Hang out your clothes to dry…not the planet," Says Rhys. FYI, electric dryers suck 6% of the total electric bill, second only to the fridge. Line-drying, on the other hand, is like tapping into solar power—without the costly panels.

MTV’s climate change campaign—MTV Switch—is airing eco-spots created for the Young Lions Competition in Cannes. Ad agencies who participated were given a theme and 48 hours to shoot their concepts on a Nokia N series device. Watch the impressive Argentine winner and 112 more…For anyone looking to make a TV short, be a contender on VC2 (viewer created content) running until November on Al Gore’s Current TV…if you missed Gore’s speech outlining his 10-year solution to global warming last week, check out We Can Solve it—and sign the petition.

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