Green rollercoasters, concerts, baby clothes, and more

As a reader wrote recently, the greening of everything is a worthwhile effort to make it normal, and here’s an example of how eco friendliness is sneaking in where least expected: The Simpsons have their own theme-park ride, “Catapult to Krustyland,” at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando this month, following the company’s “Green Is Universal” mandate, its energy-efficient touches include LED lights (saving 55,000 watts per hour). Homer’s happy to save a bundle on power bills…

Speaking of cartoon figures, eccentric media visionary, Ted Turner, who recently mangled the concept of global warming causing cannibalism (or at least the gaffe-obsessed press jumped on his quote), held a fundraising dinner for his Captain Planet Foundation in Manhattan last week. Attending the event was Chevy Chase and his wife Janie, who campaigns for green schools and the Cool Globes project, on display in DC this month. Deep pockets grabbed donated memorabilia, and someone won dinner with Ted for 9K. Will the resurrected blue-faced, eco superhero join them?

Next Sunday, Sting performs at Carnegie Hall for the “Some Kinda Legacy” concert to benefit his nonprofit, The Rainforest Foundation, started 20 years ago with wife Trudie Styler. Billy Joel, Brian Wilson, James Taylor and more will join him on stage for the fundraiser, followed by an organic feast and auction at The Plaza. Celebrities from Scarlett Johansson to Diana Picasso have personally designed t-shirts to benefit Sting’s conservation org, though a hefty $173 price tag at Carlos Miele boutiques runs the same as low-end concert tickets. A potential green gift for the mother with everything?

Since next Sunday is Mother’s Day, take a tip from new celebrity moms, inspired to outfit their babes with environmental-safe goodies. Soleil Moon Frye (remember Punky Brewster?) has her own eco-friendly store for kids, The Little Seed (“Treehugging with Style”), stocked with organic clothes and non-toxic products, providing recycled shopping bags and info on the health of children and the planet. When her daughter Poet was born, Frye gained “a new outlook on the world.”

Cindy Crawford also credits motherhood for her eco awareness. Blogging in a Vanity Fair last month, she said: you obviously want to feel good about the earth you’re leaving to your children, but there was something else going on as well: My kids were making me feel guilty!” (for wasting plastic, for instance). Maybe we should all celebrate Children’s Day, like the Japanese do.