Happy Earth Day/week/month!

Earth Day is here! Want to find a celebration in a town near you? Click here, fill-in your location for events within 25 to 250 miles of you, from Australia to Ireland, Italy, Germany, the UK, and the US.  If you missed last weekend’s Central Park Eco-Fest, head to Jersey City (4/25-27) for Global Green’s Expo to see Kevin Bacon’s band perform and appearances by Jeff Corwin and Ted Danson. 

NBC reprises its green theme, despite getting bashed for greenwashing during last November's sillier stunts. “Earth Week” programming will again focus on environmental issues, from the Today show to Tonight with Jay Leno chatting up Ed Begley, Jr. and an Alicia Keys concert on Monday. With 100 hours of eco-oriented shows including affiliated channels MSNBC, Bravo, Telemundo, and the Sundance Channel (naturally), the network has committed to repeat the idea every six months as well as launch eco initiatives like installing solar panels in the NBC Universal studios.

If you don’t feel like enjoying outdoor Earth Day activities, watch (or Tivo) HGTV’s ecological daytime lineup. Start bright and early with a mini marathon of the now-cancelled Living with Ed series. Other greenified shows include Curb Appeal, Deserving Design, and specials “The Green Home of 2008” and “20 Ways Your Home Can Save the Planet,” not to mention the channel’s green house give-away.

Television is onboard the green front, from Al Gore’s Current TV airing viewers’ video eco inspirations to MTV’s The Real World with its green house equipped with bicycle-powered computers, salt-water pool, and dual-flush toilets giving a big dose of reality to houseguests and viewers.

Among lots of publications covering the carbon footprint, Time magazine got flack for its cover depicting the “The Battle of Iwo Jima” statue of WWII Marines erecting a tree instead of a flag to illustrate the fight against global warming. Vets are upset over usurping the iconographic image. I’m guessing the publication didn’t expect the controversy, and though it highlights the war on climate change, the idea implies victory--which is a ways off. 

Even the funnies are going green in honor of Earth Day. Forty-five newspaper comic strips from King Features participate in a first-ever eco effort, including Blondie, Beetle Bailey, Baby Blues, Bizarro, Dennis the Menace, Mutts, and appropriately, Arctic Circle. Featuring pretty typical green-themed "jokes," Dagwood "conserves energy" – by being asleep on the sofa. Ha-ha-ha.

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It's all part of making being green part of the mainstream. Make green normal and we stand a chance of getting the political will to make a difference.

Alex Hallatt
Arctic Circle

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