Eco fairs, fests, spots, and shows

This coming weekend, eco fairs abound from Universal Studio’s theme park in LA to the Green Apple Festival in NYC and through cities across the country. From the National Mall to Golden Gate Park, thousands will get their green groove on with performances by Big Head Todd in NYC, Arrested Development in Miami, the Neville Brothers in Denver, and Los Lonely Boys in Dallas. Organized by the Earth Day Network, founders of the original Earth Day in 1970, these simultaneous concerts in anticipation of April 22 may not have the magnitude of Live Earth, but they’re free.

Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind) with Hotel Rwanda director Terry George have created a TV spot for Charity: Water, a nonprofit, depicting H2O from NYC's Central Park pond as foul as Africa’s water sources. A $20 donation to the organization buys 20 years worth of clean water for one of the 1.1 billion Africans affected by unsafe water. Here it is 

If you missed the National Geographic Channel's premiere of Human Footprint on Sunday, catch it Wednesday night and face the trashy facts about consumption, from a single person's 28,443 showers to 31,350 gallons of gasoline in a lifetime to our 246 million tons of annual rubbish – with 33 percent coming from packaging. Hosted by ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas, the “Preserve the Planet” special is recycled on the schedule at other times. What are the producers doing with the 28,000 rubber duckies used to dramatically illustrate all those showers?

Free Lolita: Actor/producer Raul Julia-Levy (star of Crash and son of late actor Raul Julia) has corralled quite a litany of stars, including Johnny Depp, Lindsay Lohan, Harrison Ford, Elton John, 50 Cent, Janet Jackson, as well as directors Cameron Crowe and Ron Howard to help free the 40-year-old Orca performing at Miami’s Seaquarium. This “killer whale” (actually a dolphin) was the star of the documentary Slave to Entertainment and subject of a Newsweek story. Plans for a benefit concert may fuel the campaign to release her back into her native habitat and increase her lifespan. Julia Jr. is working with the Keiko Foundation, which freed Free Willy’s Keiko.

As Pope Benedict makes his way to the U.S. to speak at the UN, the Vatican is pursuing carbon neutrality. Praising the Montreal Protocol, the Pope declared pollution a social sin. Not as deadly as lust, gluttony, sloth, avarice, etc. so will offenders be damned to purgatory for eternity if they don’t confess to littering?