Sustainable reading, rocking, and rhythms

Ed Begley, Jr., Hollywood's enviro guru, has turned his Living With Ed reality show into an eco book, Living Like Ed, offering tips on greening your life. And you won't find this actorvist flying anywhere to promote it; he’ll be driving his hybrid. When buying the volume, look for a store partnering with an outfit called Eco-Libris which offsets the paper it's printed on. Each purchase provides a sticker that says: “One tree planted for this book.” Strand Bookstore in NYC and San Francisco State University Bookstore and others including publishers, book clubs, and book swapping BookMooch have joined the effort so far.

On the cover of Rolling Stone this month: mellow surfer/filmmaker/singer-songwriter Jack Johnson recorded his latest album, Sleep through the Static, in his solar-powered studio with its green roof and non-VOC insulation. This environmentalist’s Kokua Hawaii Foundation, an eco-education nonprofit org that he founded with his wife Kim, promotes beach clean-ups among other eco activities. For Johnson’s upcoming tour, he requires promoters to buy carbon offsets, use biodegradable food-service items, and a list of other items in his contract’s EnviroRider. Johnson’s headlining the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California in April. See his website for green stuff his band does and things fans can do before and after the show, such as bicycling to the venue.

Linkin Park fans in London, Ontario who took the bus to the band's concert last Saturday got a free ride, and if at least four folks carpooled together they got to park for free thanks to the "Go Green for No Green" initiative from city fathers, London Transit, and Global Spectrum Facility Management.

A new tourism idea making a splash involves rock bands performing aboard cruise ships, (not exactly an eco-friendly venue). Barenaked Ladies have joined the fray, but their Greening Ships and Dips 2008 campaign tries to compensate, bringing music biz non-profit Reverb and the offset outfit NativeEnergy together to neutralize the environmental impact of the cruise (flights, drives, etc.). BNL's green-driven “Barenaked Planet” asks fans to donate to the carbon offset program through "Give and Win,” a program offering a chance at items from free tickets to posters. It’s reached about 50 percent of the goal so far, but this whole scheme doesn’t quite float the boat. Though it’s great to encourage participation, hopefully those taking the trip are obliged to cover their share of the ship’s huge polluting footprint.