The Eco-Celebrity Year in Review

Times Square’s crystal ball dropped equipped with thousands of LED lights, using only as much electricity as 10 toasters. That's something to toast to!

Scanning ‘07, show biz efforts abounded from green rooms to green screens, with stars hawking eco-friendly causes daily: Brad Pitt’s New Orleans housing project with Global Green expanded into his Pink Project, Evan Almighty’s carbon-free plan included recycling and bicycling, Hollywood hosted its first “Going Green” conference, and even Comedy Central “addressed the mess.” 

Hot eco celebs like Adrian Grenier and Orlando Bloom drove to award shows and fundraisers in hybrids, yet got bashed for flying private jets and spending gobs on greening their homes.

On July 7th, Al Gore outdid Live Aid and Woodstock with his Live Earth concert, which spread across seven continents with a mega line-up from Bon Jovi to The Police. The former Veep won an Oscar, Emmy, and Nobel Peace Prize, skipping the Presidential election hoopla for greener pastures.

In the throes of the environment’s 11th hour, Leo DiCaprio released the eco-doc, The 11th Hour. Though many were too afraid to watch the ice caps vanish, it appealed to the converted who await the DVD to add to their shelves (next to the Live Earth CD and green books, such as The Green Book from Elizabeth Rogers and Cameron Diaz with tips from Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Ellen DeGeneres, etc…)

TV jumped onto the green wagon: the Sundance Channel started “The Green” programming block, HGTV’s “Living with Ed” mainstreamed actor Ed Begley, Jr.’s radical eco habits, and NBC integrated a week of green ideas into November shows with results as quantifiable as Live Earth’s…

Stars from sports, fashion, and music also moved the agenda forward, such as alt-fueled tours and eco-education at rock fests thanks to Reverb, Guster’s Adam Gardner’s org; Sheryl Crow and Laurie David having it out with Karl Rove; and Green Day living up to its name through its affiliation with NRDC…

More green stars are sure to shine bright in 2008. What are your eco-resolutions for the New Year?