CELEB: Green Carpet Ride

No parade of hybrids rolled up to the Golden Globe Awards last Sunday because many actors skipped the non-televised event in support of striking writers. But for stars who did show, they experienced an eco presence with Park City Ice Water available in their suites. The alternative H2O boasts eco-friendly packaging in a non-PET plastic “GlacierPak.” Maybe Madonna, who allegedly spends an estimated $120,000 annually on bottles of Kabbalah-blessed agua, should switch brands to reduce her carbon stiletto print…

Speaking of Park City, Robert Redford’s 2008 Sundance Film Festival draws all of Hollywood to Utah from 1/17 to 1/27 to screen and be seen on the snowy slopes. If you can’t attend, go online for eco-friendly items such as Todd Oldham’s recycled messenger bags and recycled iPod cases created from last year’s festival banners…

Between watching among 650 films, celebs can visit Project GreenHouse, the luxury version of eco-consciousness from Lexus, catering to Sundance’s glam crowd. Though autobloggreen says the hybrid vehicle is borderline fuel-efficient, the exhibit will showcase sustainable designs by Oscar de la Renta, Linda Loudermilk, Lara Miller, Bahar Shapar, and C.L.A.S.S…

The Sundance Red Carpet Lounge will serve La Dolce Lulu Organic Bakery cookies with Fair Coffee Love to the likes of Dennis Hopper and Rex Lee, and provide an opportunity to donate time and dough to Friends of Animals. At the Alive! Expo Green Pavilion in the Treasure Mountain Inn (Park City’s green hotel), the eco-product placement outfit features the Big Green Purse Suite this weekend. Promoting green goodies, from non-VOC paint to Groovy Stuff furniture, Saving Our Planet author Diane MacEachern signs her latest book, Big Green Purse, while offering samples of organic chocolate, cosmetics and soap. The Alaska Wilderness League will also be on-hand.

Encouraging women to shift spending to green products, MacEachern is currently reporting from Detroit’s Auto Show, noting Maroon 5’s Adam Levine thanked “any companies making hybrids” before the band’s performance…Other news from the show: GM’s partnership with Coskata to make ethanol from biomass waste and renewable sources like garbage, recycled tires, and plant life other than corn; Daimler’s SMART car racking up orders: 30,000 and counting, so far; India’s Tata Motor displayed its $2,500 subcompact as the world’s cheapest car. Some decry getting 50 mpg encourages more driving, but that defeats the position for improving fuel efficiency. Plus it only travels 60 mph. Tata, indeed.

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