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January, 2008

The Eco-Celebrity Year in Review
CELEBS: Hill, Huck, Mitt, Barack, and the Johns
CELEB: Green Carpet Ride
CELEBS: Film Fans take Earth Pledge
CELEBS: Celebrity green goods: going, going, gone

February, 2008

Sustainable styling, super voting, and greenish Grammys …
Stars, green vehicles, and new eco films
Oscar singing Kermit’s song, “Not that easy bein’ green?”
Sustainable reading, rocking, and rhythms

March, 2008

Green ohms, “Bams!” and halos
The greener good, the bad, and the blackout

April, 2008

Lights out and strange, green bedfellows
Month o’ green media
Eco fairs, fests, spots, and shows
Happy Earth Day/week/month!
Green goodies from the stars

May, 2008

Green rollercoasters, concerts, baby clothes, and more
Green skies and green screens
Green Idol, and star-studded coast-to-coast eco-charities
Celebrities off the Grid, off the Meat, and on the Money

June, 2008

Celebrities’ green cribs
American Gladiators, green books and movies, and An Inconvenient Truth: the opera
Brokaw on Letterman, Al Gore’s latest project, and more buzz on green celebs
Green (and not-so-green) Summer movies

July, 2008

Exxon gets a slap on the wrist, green airports, and online eco petitions
Bush’s sewage plant, Hurricane Bertha, and fuel from wine
Pro sports go green
Batman’s eco-challenges and Demi Moore’s activist daughters
Green Project Runway, eco country music, and saving pandas

August, 2008

Gossip Girls, Gyllenhaal siblings, and Olympic athletes are free to be green
Sheryl Crow drives green, Kelsey Grammar gets wild, and Hollywood’s latest film festival
Greening the games and eco-hip hop
Greening and glitterati at the Democratic Convention

September, 2008

Celebrity presence at the greenish Republican Convention
Fur-free Fashion, Sheryl Crow's Bag and NBC Bags Pickens' Plan
Matthew Modine bicycles, Bono recycles, and Willie Nelson wails for Farm Aid
Celebrities and their green personal care products

October, 2008

Celebs attend a variety of green events
Celebrities vote green
ABC censors ads during debates
Green fashion shows and anti-fur campaigns
Scared green

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