Shopping for Green

Just in time to avoid the jam-packed malls: What Would Jesus Buy?, a documentary about Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, produced by Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me). Attempting to reduce the $455 billion spent for the holidays, footage covers the wild Rev (who’s been arrested several times) during his cross-country tour (in a biodiesel bus, of course) preaching about the Shopocalypse (shopping-apocalypse), a mash-up for consumers’ Judgement Day. The plan to “Save Christmas” from over-consumption happens through retail exorcisms, which also includes shopping for untraditional items. Links on the film’s website suggest gift-buying at outlets like Plan for a Commercial-free Childhood, United Students Against Sweatshops, and Ten Thousand Villages, as well as NRDC, Oxfam, and Sierra Club.

Adding to the green-themed gift-giving this year, Daryl Hannah opened up a virtual shop on her website. The actress/activist is offering an organic peace wreath, a tree-in-a-box, wildflower-seeded recycled cards, a hemp guitar, and a solar boat—for that person who might have everything but still wants to make a difference…

I Dream of Greenie: At last week’s first Hollywood Goes Green confab there were lots of expected enviro promises and promotions; but a surprising highlight was JR’s appearance. Larry Hagman (TV’s Dallas and I Dream of Jeannie) spoke on investments in alt-energy and renewable resources, revealing that his ranch is the largest residential solar-power system in the US, producing 150,000 kilowatt-hours per year (enough energy for a dozen households). “It’s not better than sex, but it’s better than a bowl of oatmeal!” says the 76-year-old actor about dropping his electric bill from $37,000 to $13 per year

Also following-up: “Gorgeous and Green,” the annual Global Green event in San Francisco, happened last week with showings from actors Salma Hayek, Orlando Bloom, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Lucas Haas, among other supporters. This fundraiser focused on green designs—from clothes to architecture—to benefit the org’s green housing projects from the Bay area to the Artic Circle. Sponsors included Yahoo! and Google—who also recently announced their plans for serious R&D in affordable wind and solar energy.