‘Tis the Season for Evergreenies

Rockefeller Center’s tree lighting ceremony happens Wednesday with 30,000 LEDs glowing for the first time, saving 2,213 kilowatts daily over regular lightbulbs. Seems odd that cutting down an 85-foot Norway Spruce is “green,” but eco-efforts include carbon offsets, replanting, solar panels on the Rock’s roof, and a recycling partnership with Habitat for Humanity. NBC airs the tradition at 8pm when crooners Josh Grobon, Celine Dion, and Carrie Underwood will perform.  NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg hopes to inspire a half-million visitors every day to “dream of a green Christmas…”

The eco-friendly mayor, who’s promoted hybrid taxis in town among other environmental initiatives, is a special guest at Global Green USA’s gala next Sunday at Manhattan’s Ritz-Carlton, joining actors Kyra Sedgwick, Josh Lucas, Parker Posey, and Josie Maran. The event honors David Zaslav, President/CEO of Discovery Communications for the upcoming Planet Green channel, as well as leaders in green design, building, and products…

Colin Firth launches an “environmental destination store” called ECO with wife Livia Coulson in West London on December 1—just in time for holiday shopping. Putting his money where his mouth is, the actor hopes to mitigate the negative effects of consumers’ energy waste, including his own. The Oxfam Ambassador is also co-director of the “ethical” Café Progreso located in Covent Garden and Notting Hill, serving fair-trade coffee and sharing profits with farmers. When visiting London, sip espresso c/o Mr. Darcy…

“Enviro-tips from the driving force behind the environmental movement?” This video, “Funny or Die” by the Green Team, is a somewhat risqué and amusing offering from the eco-activist trio of actors Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Adam McKay

"You" were Time’s “Person of the Year” in ‘06, in recognition of popular user-driven websites like YouTube and Facebook, but this year’s names being bandied about include General Petraeus, General Musharraf, and Steve Jobs. In a meeting to discuss possibilities, Brian Williams suggested Mother Earth and Whoopi Goldberg offered the idea of "green," but in lieu of another concept, the favored environmental candidate is Al Gore. According to Time’s website: “The Nobel Prize ensures that a generation of children will envision his face while being scolded for leaving a room without turning off the lights.” Presidential candidates Hillary and Obama are considered, but the “hanging chad” upset could be due to Harry Potter magic, since author J.K. Rowling holds first place online. 2007’s selection is released in the 12/31 issue, so cast your vote now.